Monday, June 22, 2009

New Reports: From the Foreign Agricultural Service Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN)

2009 Leading Agricultural Sectors for US Export and Investment_Taipei ATO_Taiwan_4-10-2009.pdf
Agricultural marketing specialists compile basic agricultural market information for U.S. exporters about a range of industry and service sectors in Taiwan. The leading agricultural report, updated annually, cover beef, pork, poultry, fresh fruit, dried and frozen fruit, ready-to-use ingredients, cheese, engineered wood, chocolate and other candy, pet food and wine and spirits, fish and seafood products, and ginseng sectors which represent the best prospects for U.S. exporters.
Bangkok Newsletter - June 2009_Bangkok_Thailand_4-16-2009.pdf In this issue you will find information on market access for U.S. potatoes and pork, APEC events, market opportunities for U.S. exports to Thailand; and upcoming events.
Biotech Field Destructions Continue_Berlin_Germany_6-3-2009.pdf Anti-biotech groups have continued their destruction in 2009. By the end of May 2009, the German Plant Breeders Association (BDP) already reported six cases of research plot destructions and occupations in Germany this year.  Since there is no commercial cultivation of biotech crops allowed in Germany, activists are concentrating their destructive work on research fields and research installations.
Commodity Report_EU-27 CITRUS SEMI-ANNUAL_Madrid_Spain EU-27_6-9-2009.pdf  EU-27 citrus orchards include orange, lemon, mandarin and grapefruit groves.  Production is mainly in the Mediterranean regions of Spain, Italy and Greece, with lesser production in France, Cyprus, Malta and Portugal.  While it is still early in the season, production for MY 2009/10 is expected to be similar to that of MY 2008/09.
General Report_New Delhi_India_6-12-2009.pdf India's bio-fuel strategy continues to focus on use of non-food sources for production of bio-fuels: sugar molasses for production of ethanol for blending with gasoline, and non-edible oilseeds for production of bio-diesel for blending with petro-diesel.  The government's current target of five percent blending of ethanol with petrol has been partially successful in years of surplus sugar production, but falters when sugar production declines.
General Report_The Hague_Netherlands-Germany EU-27_6-15-2009.pdf In Directive 2003/30, the EU set indicative targets for biofuel consumption.  While the use of biofuels is trending upwards it is not expected that the EU will achieve its target of 5.75% of road transport fuel by 2010.  In the previous EU Biofuels Annual, it was reported that profit margins in the biofuels sector were reduced by high feedstock prices and competitive imports.  Since the summer of 2008, however, the market for biodiesel in the EU further deteriorated due to the decline in fossil ...
Improved Access for Australian Citrus and Mangos to China_Canberra_Australia_06-17-2009.pdf The emerging trade in Australian citrus and mangos to China is expected to grow after the Australian Federal Government negotiated improved market access.
New Law on GMO is prohibiting trade or commercial growing of GMO _Belgrade_Serbia_6-10-2009.pdf  On May 29, 2009 National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia adopted new Law Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) that fully prohibits the possibility of commercial growing of live modified organisms, or trade with live modified organism and products derived from genetically modified organisms. With the new Law on GMO, Serbian import of soybean meal (from roundup ready soybeans) for cattle feed is no longer possible.
Organic Agriculture in Serbia_Belgrade_Serbia_6-8-2009.pdf  Serbia has around 218 certified organic farmers with organic production on approximately 5,000 hectares. Only 600 hectares are certified by the certified organizations that are accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture. Total organic production accounts about 30,000 tons of organic products. Total market value of organic products in Serbia is about $55 million. Imported organic products can be found on supermarket shelves and in specialized stores. At present, more than 90 percent of all organic...
UAE Decrees New Import Requirements for Cooked Red Meat_Dubai_United Arab Emirates_6-15-2009.pdf The UAE's Ministry of Environment and Water has issued new requirements for the importation of cooked red meat, a product previously regulated by the General Secretariat of Municipalities.  The decree states that meat must come animals that were not treated with hormones and requires both a veterinary and health certificate for shipments, these and other requirements could pose a significant challenge to U.S. exporters and regulators.  
Weekly Rice Price Update_Bangkok_Thailand_6-16-2009.pdf Domestic and export prices increased up to ten percent due to limited exportable supplies, particularly for parboiled rice.  Exporters are facing unexpected supply difficulties as the government stock release decision is still being reviewed by the Cabinet.  The stock release review has forced some exporters to source white rice from the domestic market.  Any increases in current export prices are expected to be temporary as the government is releasing a portion of the contracts which have been ...

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