Friday, May 14, 2010

Health Canada seeks comments on gluten-free labeling revision

Health Canada intends to modernize Canada's current gluten-free labeling policy in order to minimize the risk of inadvertent consumption of gluten by sensitive individuals and to maximize the choice of gluten-free foods for consumers following a gluten-free diet. The agency is seeking comments. More information is available here and here.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Summer Academy in Global Food Law & Policy, Como - Italy

The 2nd EFFL Summer Academy in Global Food law & Policy will be held on July 26-30, 2010, at the beautiful Villa La Collina on the shores of the Como Lake, Italy. Building on the successful previous edition, the academy will offer scientific reflection and discourse on key legal and policy issues in European and World food law as well as information and updates on the latest developments. This will be achieved through a dynamic, informal and highly interactive five-day programme, which includes lectures, presentations, discussion groups and social activities. The faculty of the academy consists of food experts coming from relevant authorities, European and US institutions, academia, legal practice and the industry.
Alberto ALEMANNO Associate Professor of Law HEC, Paris
David BYRNE S.C. Former EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection
Dirk DETKEN Head of the Units Legal & Policy, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
Marsha A. ECHOLS, Director of the World Food Law Institute, Washington D.C.
André EVERS, Food and Veterinary Office, European Commission
Andreas KADI, Chief Science Officer, Red Bull GmbH
Susanne KETTLER, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Director, Coca-Cola Company
Vittorio SILANO, Chair of the Scientific Committee, European Food Safety Authority

 The summer academy will cover main aspects of the law and policy of food regulation. Thereby, it will give a broad overview on the subject from a legal as well as a public policy point of view. In particular, it will discuss on the following:
- The global and international food regulation (WTO, SPS/Codex Alimentarius, WHO/FAO)
- The State of Play of WTO trade disputes (Hormones II, COOL, Australia Apples, EC-Poultry) and EU Food regulation (Food Supplements, enriched foodstuffs, novel food and Food Improvement Agents Package)
- The emergence of private standards
- Food quality and labelling issues
- The new challenges facing EFSA (Health Claims; Animal Cloning; Safety and claims of botanical) and its relationships with US FDA/USDA
- The risk analysis framework as applied in the food regulation sector
- The system of official controls
- Data sharing, protection and compensation in pre-market approval regimes

Please apply no later than May 30, 2010.
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